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Pyhäselkä Ice-Swimming Club

Situated on the shores of Lake Pyhäselkä, about 10 km south of Joensuu, the club has its own sauna and dressing rooms. It should be noted that there are no washing facilities, showers, or running water.

Membership (2014) stands at around 200, with daily ”swimmers” numbering between 20-50 per day (winter season).

Annual Membership: 90+40 euros for the first year, 90 euros/year thereafter.
Student membership 20+45 euros for the first year, 45 euros/year thereafter.
Kids membership 20 euroa

Visitor Fee: 5 euros/session (no time restriction, closing time 10 p.m.)

Equipment required: swimsuit, towel, sandals, drinking water, juice or similar
NOTE: alcohol strictly prohibited for safety reasons. The club is open all year round daily except Mondays, but the in-season period is approximately November to April, when there is ice covering the lake, and snow to roll in.

While beneficial to those in good health ice-swimming is not recommended for those with heart problems. If in doubt consult your doctor, preferably beforehand! The club is visited annually by exchange students from N-Karelia Polytechnic. In year 2006 the group was some 35 participants, with students from as far away as Namibia, Australia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ireland etc etc – and after early doubts they had a wonderful time, with no fatalities!